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Mahirah’s Exclusives

Dhania Green Chicken Medium spiced Bengali style, cooked with onions, tomatoes and lots of coriander £ 6.95
Chicken Makahni Diced barbecued chicken cooked with pulp mango in mild spices £ 7.95
Korma Kashwanut Chicken or Lamb Cashew nuts cooked in a rich and creamy sauce £ 7.95
Chilli Paneer (v) Indian cottage cheese cooked in tandoori with peppers, onions and green chillies. Dry £ 7.95
Mahirah’s Special Masala Diced barbecued chicken with minced meat. A uniquely prepared central Indian style dish £ 8.95
Kebab Cocktail Masala Mixture of Tandoori favourites cooked in a rich and creamy sauce £ 8.95
Mahirah’s King Prawn Tailored king prawns cooked with onions in a rich cream butter sauce £ 11.95
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