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Mahirah’s Innovations

Mahirah’s Sixxler Chicken or Lamb Succulent pieces of chicken or lamb, cooked in a specially prepared sauce and served in a sizzler £ 7.95
Tandoori Chicken Mojadar Bonless chicken pieces cooked in tandoori based, served with fresh green chilli and coriander £ 7.95
Shahi Chicken Delicate chicken fillet marinated with spices, cooked with onions, peppers and tomatoes, served in a sizzler £ 7.95
Chilli Fry Chicken or Lamb Chicken or Lamb cooked in chilli sauce with peppers, onions and chillies £ 7.95
Shatkora Chicken or Lamb Bangladeshi favourite cooked with special citrus fruit, infused with fennel seeds, peppers and a special sauce £ 7.95
Naga Chicken or Lamb Roasted chicken cooked with sliced onions, fresh tomatoes and Bengal cobra chillies (very hot) £ 7.95
Belfoy Chicken or Lamb Cooked with special homemade pickle £ 7.95
Mahirah’s Special Chops Marinated lamb Chops cooked with minced meat. Simply mouth-watering dish £ 8.95
Fish Naira Bengali fish cooked with potato £ 8.95
Balti King Prawn Chilli Fry King prawns coated in chilli sauce. Cooked with peppers, onions and fried chillies £ 10.95
King Prawn Maha Raja Succulent King Prawns marinated in Mahirah special sauce. Served in a sizzler. A must try for King prawn lovers! £ 13.95
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